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A building’s or location’s useful or attractive features or facilities are known as hotel amenities. I follow a ‘things to do’ pamphlet in the hotel. You may also consider becoming a personal chef or working in wholesale food distribution. If you don’t mind getting dirty, working up a sweat and constant change, then you may want to consider a career in the construction industry. Caring for and educating children means constant supervision and hands-on interaction. Los Angeles has a Mediterranean climate, which means it’s dry in the summer and rainy in the winter. I am interested in costs/schedules/sights seen for Milford Sound scenic flights for two seniors, during the summer months, and hoping to avoid fog! In any of these roles, you’ll find that no two days are the same, offering adventure and challenges that people who can’t sit still thrive on. Large operations like hotels, hospitals, airlines and cruise ships need people to fill various roles that work together to provide food to guests. In addition, grocery stores and retail dining establishments need food service workers. Working at a fast-food restaurant or cafeteria may not sound attractive to career-minded folks, but cooking shows featuring celebrity chefs and bakers have sparked new interest in food service.

There are also dream gigs that include working as a personal concierge to a VIP, requiring you to fly your client’s guests by private jet to a secret, undisclosed location, for example. Otherwise, there is no reason why you can’t wear the same thing twice. Then there are corporate meetings, conferences and sporting events like the Olympics that can draw hundreds of thousands of participants and require teams of event planners to manage. These capabilities have been integrated on Boeing’s Autonomy Testbed Aircraft to show that they can provide evidence of correct operation and safety guarantees needed by real aircraft. Just as the aircraft reached the sky over the Mediterranean south-west of Cyprus, the pilot took the 747 on a weaving flight path to create an outline of the jumbo jet. Jobs in teaching involve rigorous schedules, plus the ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously while patiently providing structure and guidance to children along the path of discovery.

Many jobs center on taking care of sick people and getting them healthy. Jobs in sports go way beyond being a player. There’s not a lot of sitting around in the world of sports. As a sports agent, coach, personal trainer or even back-office management, you’ll always be on the go. Even during peacetime, members of the military or police have plenty to do just to stay prepared. Even in a down economy, the wedding planning business thrives. The mouse can help you click on links and scroll down throughout pages. Next, you can see images of common storm elements. Remove the evil word exercise from your vocabulary, substitute the words physical activity, and see how your attitude immediately becomes more positive. Depending on the size of the territory, a salesperson may go on a combination of scheduled or unannounced “cold calls” to see potential clients throughout the day. Maybe I’ll take some calls. As a teacher, you’ll probably have the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities outside the classroom, like leading extracurricular activities or coaching. But people who can’t sit still may thrive in outside sales careers.

Careers in education offer physical and mental challenges that can be a winning combination for people who can’t sit still. Snagging a spot on the world-famous Radio City Music Hall Rockettes team, for example, can be the culmination of years of rehearsals, recitals and competitions. Kids can enter the mysterious world of spirits and summonings through the eyes of young characters, and meet ghosts that are more often friendly than frightening. Travelers in today’s world have a wide array of choices. They’re making an effort to choose the chemical ingredients that go into the production process with care, selecting ones that are as environmentally- and people-friendly as possible; the same care goes into selecting fibers, a portion of which have been recycled. Hospital nurses typically work 12-hour shifts, sometimes making hourly rounds on a dozen or so patients throughout the day. You may be a salaried event planner working for an organization or you may work for an event planning business and serve multiple clients. The days can begin before sunrise, you can be outdoors all day in extreme temperatures, and there’s always a risk of injury when working with tools and equipment or by just being on a construction site.