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Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal administration created jobs with the purpose of raising employment levels and poured government money into the economy to try to end the depression. How can mortgage-backed securities bring down the economy? In the 1970s, he warned us about toilet plumes — clouds of contaminated water that fill our bathrooms every time we flush stuff down the loo. The 2009 ZR1 isn’t the first time that Chevrolet has used the ZR1 label or offered a higher-performing Corvette. From Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” to David Ball’s “Riding with Private Malone” and George Jones’s “The One I Loved Back Then,” the Corvette has spent its fair share of time motoring up and down the charts. The next ZR1 was a 1990 Corvette co-developed with Lotus that used a four-cam aluminum block V8. The engine shares its basic 6.2-liter design with other Corvettes but features some extra high-end materials and parts that are lighter and stronger than conventional engine parts — like a forged steel crankshaft, steel main bearing caps, titanium connecting rods, forged aluminum pistons and roto-cast cylinder heads that have a more consistent density than other heads. It uses the same aluminum structure but has some carbon fiber components to offset the engine’s extra weight (hey, superchargers can be heavy).

Most superchargers have only three lobes. The lobes on the ZR1’s supercharger also rotate 160 degrees — lobes in most superchargers rotate only 60 degrees. To avoid the massive bulge on the hood that’s usually associated with superchargers, the ZR1’s blower is mounted low in the V of the V8 engine and uses side-mounted intercoolers and heat exchangers. The ZR1 uses a Roots-type supercharger, which has four lobes that lock together like gears. A supercharger, also called a blower, is a device that shoots compressed air into an engine by forcing it through rotating chambers. A belt on the engine turns the supercharger, allowing it to suck outside air into the engine. The more air an engine has, the more power it creates. Since our factory has a large open area, traditional air coolers and HVAC systems did not fit our needs. To achieve this shot, cameramen use a wide-angle lens and a long or aerial shot to include a large area within a single frame. You need to have as part of your side how big a cubicle area too the doorway door dimensions. Asia is the most populated area on the planet, so it’s worth your while to brush up on these country facts.

While those are impressive numbers, the ZR1 needs to do even better to lure buyers out of import dealerships. The flywheel on base and Z06 Corvettes is attached to the crankshaft with six screws, while the ZR1’s is attached with nine. General Motors, Chevrolet’s parent company, is betting that the technology under the ZR1’s hood — as well as what’s under its paint — will generate enough raw power to overcome import prestige. For the foreseeable future, each flight aboard SpaceShipTwo will cost $200,000. It cost $58,995 — much less than the current ZR1 — but it still wasn’t a hit. For the nearly 55 years that Chevrolet has been building the Corvette, it has stood out as an American icon: a sports car that can compete with high-priced imports at a fraction of their cost. Only 6,900 were sold in the five years it was produced. These were three famous models produced by Dodge after the World War II.

Keep reading to learn what the ZR1 has that allows it to compete with the best cars in the world. The Corvette was one of the first production cars to use a lightweight fiberglass body and four-wheel disc brakes. The first ZR1 was a $969 option package on the base 1970 Corvette, offering drive train and suspension upgrades. Keep reading to learn how the Ferrari-chasing technology in the 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 works. But with the 2009 Corvette ZR1, which is set to go on sale in fall 2008, the Corvette may have made its biggest jump yet. Embark on a tandem parasailing adventure that will have you floating up to 200 metres (600 feet) above the shimmering waters of Lake Wakatipu, connected to a power boat down below by a cable. Is it bad to have a hole in your exhaust pipe? How do exhaust headers work to improve engine performance? The C6 is also available as a Z06 performance model, which generates 505 horsepower and 470 foot-pounds of torque. The sixth-generation Corvette, or C6, is currently on the market, and the base model produces 430 horsepower and 400 foot-pounds of torque.